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Here’s how to get your skin ready for summer

If you’re anything like us, winter is our perfect excuse to ignore our skin. If we’re not showing it off, then what’s the point, right? (Don’t fret: we haven’t shaved our legs since Halloween either). Well, we’ve got news – summer is about to happen, like, any minute now. With that, we’ve put together 5 fool-proof steps to help get your skin ready for the rising temps. Just think of it as a head-to-toe to-do list. Scrub up First things first, get that bod in the shower along with a packet of Scrub Love. You’re going to want to slough off all those dead skin cells that have been perched on top of your body all winter. Turn the water...

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7 reasons why coffee is the bomb dot com

We don’t really want to imagine a world without coffee. It’s the only thing that makes us feel human in the morning, it feels so good on our bods, plus it smells incredible.But we’ve got 7 more reasons why coffee is so freakin’ good, y’know, just in case you weren’t already a fan.1. It actually helps you live longer – there’s a sh*t load of antioxidants in good quality coffee, meaning that third cup of the day could actually be helping you live longer. Just don’t forget to follow it up with healthy eating and keep on doing those squats.2. It stimulates your metabolism – some say sipping coffee can speed up your metabolism by up to 10%, meaning your body will be burning more...

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Scrubbing just got WAY sexier

Breaking news: your new beauty BFF has officially landed! Today, we finally get to introduce you to Scrub Love – our totally organic, 100% British, coffee-crammed body scrub created to slough away your skin woes and leave you glowing from head to toe.The Scrub Love recipe is super simple, and contains only the finest natural ingredients. So when we say organic, we mean it. No hidden nasties or freaky voodoo sh*t here. Just a handful of Scrub Love is all it takes to go from rough to smooth.The magic concoction has been designed to scrub away Dull, tired skin Eczema Stretch marks Psoriasis Stubborn spots Hyper pigmentation Sounds good, right? Just in case you don’t believe us, head over to our Before...

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5 ways to stop 'effin up your skin

We get it. You’re a busy girl. Sometimes, it’s too much to drag yourself to the bathroom and take your makeup off after a late night gig, or to get those 8 full hours of snooze time. Turns out, these are things that are damaging our chances of getting that gorgeous, glowing skin we all crave. And the best way to get that glow? Ahead, we’ve listed 5 things you can stop doing RN to help you on your way to crystal clear, sexy skin from head to toe.1. Stop drinking Coke.We love bubbles just as much you (promise), but annoyingly, fizzy carbonated drinks like Coke are doing pretty damaging stuff to our insides. And what you put into your body will...

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